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IT as a Service (ITaaS) and IT as a Utility (ITaaU) is the delivery, we call it ECI E3 – Efficient – Effective – Economical.  More than a reactionary service, our IT service management and back office grid is a full-functioning utility model addressing computer software, hardware, personnel and telecommunications infrastructure with 24/7 on-demand access, response, growth and capacity.

ECI offers a managed network care solution demonstrated by our management and maintenance procedures, to reduce the cost of IT-related ownership and performance by 35-50%  as outlined in the Gartner report dated March 10th 2008 – Effective Management Can Cut Total Cost of Ownership for Desktop PCs by 42%.

Our grid based and redundant systems provide high availability, performance, and back up security.  When disaster strikes, down time and disaster recovery has been less than one hour for servers, workstations and access to necessary business data.

In addition to virtual services, ITaaS includes on-site hardware infrastructure: desktop computers, network caballing, routers, servers, telephone systems, and VPN circuits to off-site locations.  Core bandwidth is provided in partnership with major backbones, including Level Three, Qwest and Sparkle.  All major data centers are built with green technologies in mind, resulting in high availability.  Our systems meet the standards dictated by ISO 20000 (best practices for IT systems) and ISO 27001 (best practices for IT security standards).