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Our Vision

Like the services provided by your electric utility, “… you flip the switch, the lights light, and you see where you are going.”  ECI has made all the functions of IT perform just as reliably and efficiently as your utility service.

Our utility computing is a pay-as-you-go model also. Just as end-users tap into their local electric grid and pay only for the power they use, utility computing customers will be able to tap into a mammoth computer grid of infra-structure and service choices. By charging only for the range and volume of services used, ECI transforms the high fixed costs formerly associated with IT into lower variable costs.

Simply stated, IT as a service (ITaaS) and IT as a Utility (ITaaU) entail the delivery of standardized processes, applications and infrastructure as a service, on premise and over the network, with both business and IT functionality. ITaaS and ITaaU differ from the traditional IT department model and current data center services in two key ways:

* It is standardized requiring little customization or integration.

* It is scalable, providing capacity on demand in a pay-as-you-go model.

We focus on the operational concerns of information technology management (sometimes known as operations architecture), a framework that structures IT-related activities and the interactions of IT technical personnel with business customers and users