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ECI Networks is a developer of e-business infrastructure, systems and software that enable companies and organizations to conduct their business in an efficient, effective and economical way.

ECI’s professional staff works with our clients through all phases of a project including design, implementation, training and ongoing support. ECI’s systems can be hosted at ECI’s world class hosting facility or hosted on premise at a client’s site.  ECI has a seasoned management and technology team with over 120 years of enterprise software and supply chain systems experience. The team has a proven track record in designing, developing and implementing effective business solutions.  ECI’s solutions include collaborative enterprise portals, catalog and eprocurement systems, private and public online trading exchanges, online tradeshows, salesforce automation, a comprehensive framework for the development of marketing and communication programs and B2C online retail stores.

Key components of ECI’s systems and solutions include: content management system, e-marketing tools, email campaign manager, online catalog and order entry system, document exchange and EDI, integration services, sales force automation system, customer relationship management system, B2C retail store and marketing system, virtual tradeshow system, creative services, graphic design and professional services.  As required for online trade in many business-to-business environments, all of ECI’s systems efficiently support multi-sized, multi-dimensional and custom configured products. All products are designed for international use and support multiple currencies and multiple languages.

ECI-EMS ™ provides a effective and efficient IP based network solution that enables businesses and employees to benefit from a full range of Internet access services. From bandwidth needs to network speed levels, to the benefits you receive from our specialty services, we assist you by providing a comprehensive and affordable package that reflects your business goals, and grows as your business grows.

ECI-EMS™  ITaaS and ITaaU is our grid based and redundant system that provides high availability, performance, and back up security.  When disaster strikes, down time and disaster recovery has been less than one hour for servers, workstations and access to necessary business data.  In addition to virtual services, ITaaS includes on-site hardware infrastructure: desktop computers, network caballing, routers, servers, telephone systems, and VPN circuits to off-site locations.  Core bandwidth is provided in partnership with major backbones, including Level Three, Qwest and Sparkle.  All major data centers are built with green technologies in mind, resulting in high availability.  Our systems meet the standards dictated by ISO 20000 (best practices for IT systems) and ISO 27001 & 27003 (best practices for IT security standards).

ECI-EMS ™ OpenSource: has created several comprehensive software solution sets that includes systems to support ERP, CRM, Content Management, Accounting and Project Management technologies.  The ability to connect your business processes and the metrics of information, systems, people and devices is the cause of success and growth.

ECI-EMS ™ Microsoft® Services: Microsoft® has created vast software technologies to connect your world of information, systems, people and devices.  This new Microsoft® technology enables countless possibilities throughout your organization.

ECI-EMS ™ Remote Access: Solutions provide private, dial-up access to a LAN or corporate application, including thin client technology. These end-to-end managed solutions support a variety of protocols and meet most LAN or host access needs. These services are specifically suited to link remote offices, mobile employees, distributors, suppliers and customers to your organization.

ECI-EMS ™ Internet Dedicated: High-speed solutions for businesses that need high-performance full-time dedicated Internet access. Dedicated services provide connectivity to a rock solid infrastructure, 24×7 monitoring and notification and the peace of mind that comes with Guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Installation Engineers fully support and monitor your Internet access with the latest technology tools assuring the highest levels of communication quality, and reliability.

ECI-EMS ™ XML Services: XML is a universal language for data exchange. XML allows data to be communicated across the Internet between otherwise unconnected systems. XML extends the life of legacy systems into the Internet age, allowing you to scale your older systems up to today’s technology demands. Most of today’s “supply-chain” success stories are due directly to XML technology.

ECI-EMS ™ EDI Services: Our Document Exchange & EDI system receives documents from trading partners, transforms the document according to an established profile, and dispatches the document to a defined destination, acting as a “traffic cop” for business documents. The system logs transactions and stores documents in its database.  The system includes a best-of-breed Business Integration Studio which is used to build integrations using pre-built integration blocks. These integration blocks contain pre-defined business rules and associated codes.

ECI-EMS ™ Web Services: From conceptual design through promoting your site on the World Wide Web, ECI-iCOMM ™ Web offers all the resources you need to create a cost-effective, visually exciting, and successful World Wide Web Site. Services provided include:

Consultation: Initial consultation to determine the goals you’d like to reach through the site… including the image you want to portray to your visitors. ECI will work with you to coordinate your site design with existing marketing material or design an entirely new image.

Graphic Design & Production: Our graphic design services include original logo development or reproduction, web site graphic creation, animated graphics, flash animations, image scanning and compression, and digital photography.

Site Development & Web Commerce: Our site development services include site architecture – organizing and editing strong and useful content for your site – and scripting. ECI presents your material in a clear and concise manner, keeping in mind that your viewer will decide whether they are going to stay on your site and read your information in the first 60 seconds of their visit. It is important that the site be easy to navigate and quick to load without sacrificing quality.  We provide secure shopping cart solutions and PCI compliant credit card gateways.

Site Hosting and Maintenance: ECI will set up or transfer your domain name, providing you with a 1st-tier connection to the Internet and email We have also set up a very powerful, yet user-friendly statistical analysis program – the results for your site will be emailed to you monthly.

Interactive Solutions: ECI will provide any programming solutions necessary in order to meet your needs, including interactive calendars, “what’s new” programs, search engines, on-line reservations, and interactive forms as needed.

Promotion & Marketing: Now comes the most important part! To get visitors to find your site among the millions already on-line, you have to actively market your site. Once your site is up and running, our on-line marketing staff will optimize your company’s listing in the top search engines, and work with you to suggest a series of cost-effective advertising solutions which will ensure your web pages are being visited by your target audience.