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Brain-computer Connection Unlocks Possibilities, Both Good and Bad

Imagine the possibilities that could be unlocked by hooking up your brain to a computer. Science fiction has explored this idea in many films, including the upcoming movie MindGamers, in which students create a wireless neural network that can link people’s minds through a quantum computer. It allows people to transfer motor skills from one brain… Continue reading

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Neural Interfacing

With technology today, the line between humans and machines is blurred. Our thoughts, actions and daily lives are being increasingly shaped, supported and substantiated by machines. “Neural interfacing,” a term for technology aimed at bridging the workings of machines and the human brain.

Brain-computer interface (BCI) is a connection between a brain and a device that enables signals from the brain to direct some external activity in a connected device. A challenges in developing BCI technology has been the development of electrode devices and/or surgical methods that are minimally invasive. The interface enables a direct communications between the brain and the object to be controlled by reading signals from an array of neurons and using technology to translate the signals into action. Brain-machine interfaces promise to aid paralyzed patients by re-routing movement-related signals around damaged parts of the nervous system.

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Art of Business – Zero Time

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