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Fiber Optic Sensing System (FOSS) monitors multiple critical parameters in real time

The FOSS technology developed at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center represents a major breakthrough in high-speed operational monitoring and sensing technology. Driven by ultra-efficient algorithms, FOSS can be used to determine in real time a variety of critical parameters, including strain, shape deformation, temperature, liquid level, strength, and operational loads. The system processes information at rates up to 5,000 times per second, representing a 1,000-fold improvement over conventional fiber optic technologies. In addition, it offers unprecedented levels of data density, as each 40-foot hair-like optical fiber provides up to 2,000 data points with adjustable spatial resolution.

How It Works

NASA Armstrong’s novel approach to fiber optic sensing utilizes FBG sensors. The real strength of lightweight FBGs resides in its capability to be multiplexed serially. This means that a single optical fiber can contain thousands of discrete FBG sensors along its length using the OFDR or WDM multiplexing scheme. A narrowband wavelength swept laser interrogates the FBG sensors as they respond to strain resulting from stress or pressure on the structure.

The real-time algorithms and processing system measure strain at multiple locations along the length of the fiber while attached to the surface of a structure. The strain data can be correlated into displacement data, thereby displaying the shape and movement of the optical fiber (and therefore the shape and movement of the attached structure). The system calculates deformation at each measurement location in real time while the vehicle, device, or structure is in service. FOSS detects changes during operation without affecting the intrinsic properties of the structure to which it is attached.

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